Limited Edition Cigar Box Guitars

We have within our workshop the ability to make special limited edition runs of our signature guitars. We will normally build only 6/7 at a time and number them making them a unique item. Currently we have just finished a run of 7 Diddley Bows; these are great guitars that were the basis of blues. These were the original blues roots music instruments. We will be adding 6 more Diddley bows to our custom shop range these will be electric/acoustic they will have a 1 pole flatpup humbucker fitted in the bridge position these guitars will wail all night long , perfect for those back porch blues. £188

Illinois Cigar Box Guitar

This guitar is a limited edition Licence plate CBG. The box is handmade with through dovetail joints as an added feature. It has a flatpup humbucker and has skull and crossbone tuners, it has a bolts as a saddle and is a four string left handed guitar tuned to the open g chord. This guitar has lots of sustain at higher outputs it is just as happy being put through a marshall amp as well as a fender twin reverb amp . This guitar is quite simply a unique item for the serious guitar player. £428

Bespoke Motörhead Cigar Box Guitar

This is a bespoke guitar it is one of a kind. This guitar has a laminated neck made from wenge and maple , it also has skull and crossbone tuners. It also has a flatpup humbucker fitted hand wound from Austria. The guitar has a woodburned logo of motörhead on the front and a caricature of Lemmy on the back

The guitar has four strings tuned to the open g chord and has screw inlay dots as fret markers. The guitar is a dream to play either on slide or fretted .

Grab a piece of history grab yourself a Motörhead CBG. £568

The custom shop Motörhead CBG

This guitar will be built as a one off. The guitar is currently under construction in our workshop. It has a Woodburned top with the Ace of Spades and Motörhead logo and on the back is a Woodburned caricature of Lemmy. The guitar will be having a dual flatpup humbucker set up, a first of its kind. The guitar is going to snarl like a wild dog. This guitar will also have a laminated neck made from wenge and maple with walnut fret markers and chrome skull and crossbone tuners.

With two volume pots and two tone pots this will be a collectors dream. Build progress will currently be 6 weeks . £589


Gary Moore Custom shop CBG

Since Gary’s passing I have done an album with a few of Gary’s songs as a tribute but felt the time is right to make two limited edition guitars. These guitars will be made with Gary’s sound in mind. I have been in talks with my good friend Elmar in Austria who is making me a set of humbuckers that will fully combine a reproduction of Gary’s wonderful overdiven Rock tone and the mellowness of his blues sound. I will be making a left and a right handed guitar , both will be four string versions. These are one offs and will never be made again. The guitar neck will be made of wenge with walnut fret markers and it will be a solid body guitar with a hard tail bridge. These guitars will be a dream to play with two volume pots and two tone pots. £578