Bespoke Cigar Box Guitars

A cigar box guitar is a very personal item and comes with its own set of problems.

How many times have you gone into your local guitar shop and liked the sound of the guitar BUT the look of it made you not want to purchase; or the look was ok but it didn’t sound right? The bespoke service is just that – you tell us what you want and we make it for you.

With a ready supply of good quality materials our guitars are manufactured in our workshop. We will send over images so you can see the build progress, these are sent via email just so you know where your guitar’s build stage is at.

We only use quality hardwoods that also include our recycled timbers (from local sources) giving an eco edge to our products.

Personalised Guitar Hardware

Your guitar’s hardware can be gold effect tuners or chrome. We use American hardware, not cheap Far East products. Our fretwire is made of nickel alloy although we also use a gold effect version if you require a gold effect finish. String gauges are suited to the open chord the guitars are tuned to. Most of the guitars I build are tuned to open G,D or A. All guitars have their own unique tone dependent on box style and choice of neck. Our fingerboards are made from a choice of mahogany, wenge, maple walnut or oak. Our necks are made from a choice of oak, maple or wenge.

On our electric versions we use single coil pickups. These can be either mounted in the bridge or neck position for a lovely overdriven rock tone or back of the volume for a lovely vintage blues tone. We have recently started using the Flatpup humbucker style pick up from Austria to give you a very authentic sound unique to the depression era. We also use piazo transducers in the bridge position; there are so many types but the tone from all our guitars is truly the blues.

Our acoustic versions get the sound from the box with the aid of strategically placed sound holes for ultimate resonance.

Please feel free to email us with your requests and we will endeavour to assist you.